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Care Taking and Preserving

Reduction, reuse, and recirculation of water at the industrial level.

quantify, reduce and save

Aqua Engineering

Aqua Engineering Consulting will implement a holistic approach to its consulting services to ensure clients’ growth through optimizing an entire water supply chain, from water collection to discharge, in a safe, reliable, and quality way. The Company will work on implementing new ways to combine different proven technologies of great value, focusing on continuous improvement of clients’ water recycling operations, cost reduction, reducing of harmful emissions, and increasing overall operational efficacy.

Toward this end, Aqua Engineering Consulting will help clients find suitable low-cost and quality energy sources and provide other services. In order to guarantee clients’ successful growth over a long period, the Company will offer continuous monitoring of their facilities, which will also serve to strengthen the relationships with existing clients. By offering such a comprehensive set of consulting services, Aqua Engineering Consulting will prove itself as a friend and partner to the businesses that hire its services and ensure a stable source of revenue through a recurring client base.

Valery Espinel
Water & Waste Water Management Expert


Aqua is made up of engineering professionals committed to serving our clients and communities. We are known for our chief-leader Valery Espinel extensive experience, qualifications, and expertise. We uphold the highest standards of excellence and work together to build long-lasting relationships with others who share our vision for success.

Our Services

Engineering Consulting Services and Effluent Plant Optimization

We specialize in providing engineering solutions that address emerging market challenges and help our clients succeed at achieving their specific project goals. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and deliver the greatest impact for their investment.

Training in Business Process Management and Reduction, Recirculation, and Reuse (3R)

Provide training in areas of business performance management to clients’ employees in order to establish a work culture focused on reduction of water waste, recirculation, and reuse.

Operational Cost Analysis

We will measure how much money your site is spending on operational costs, what effluent optimization strategy would serve them the most, and how much would save using the Key Performance Index. Upon establishing the initial analysis and predictions, the Company will offer additional services, as per clients’ needs.

Optimization of Drinking Water Treatment Plants and Desalination Diagnosis

The Company will carefully analyze the existing state of equipment and filtered product water.

Optimizing water treatment to reduce for example the risk of drinking water disinfection byproducts (DBP) formation without compromising safety of the treated effluent involves very careful reagent dosing. The optimization process would consist of many units such as settling, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

Performance Water Treatment Tests

From the start to finish of you facility

Treatment equipment and effluents in order to determine concentration cycles, feed and drain water consumption, and other critical parameters.

O&M Operation and Maintenance for Reverse Osmosis Plants

From the start to finish of you facility

Replace RO filters according to schedule and depending on RO system specifications, as they may have multiple stages of water processing. Furthermore, AQUAEC will clean RO membranes, as they are at the heath of any reverse osmosis system, and it is essential that the membranes are maintained in a good clean condition.